Fashion fades, style is eternal -  Yves Saint Laurent


Untouched Identity (UNID) is inspired by the word "unsanforised", of which denim is completely raw, coming off shuttle loom without any treatments or processing, entirely in its original form.

We believe in style, an extended form of our identity that defines us and distinguishes us apart, should always remain untouched.

The focus of UNID is on style. There are no fashion trends to watch, instead you will find products which can accompany you for months, seasons, years even life long. And they are all made by passionate people who remain true to their identity and actually care about each piece they produce.

Collections of UNID are curated with the intention for each piece to last, which include vintage and workwear inspired mens garments, mostly raw selvedge denim and accessories of independent brands from the USA, Japan and Singapore, whose work reflect superior quality and craftsmanship.


Hope you will find something special here, wear it, live in it, enjoy it!