Brand Spotlight: Freenote Cloth

Brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick founded Freenote Cloth in December 2013, and have been running the brand ever since with their childhood friend and business partner David Strong. The headquarters of Freenote are in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano in California , which is the historic charm of the birthplace of Orange County.


San Juan Capistrano, California

Having American spirit as its backbone - with design aesthetics focused on classic "American" look and manufacturing in the USA , the name Freenote Cloth was originated from words "freedom", "noteworthy" and American Jazz record label Blue Note Records.

Founders: Matt and Andrew Brodrick

The inspiration of Freenote is a combination of American culture, timeless style icons and personal experiences of the brothers growing up in the USA. From fabric to hardware, each part of the garments is considered to be equally important. The sourcing is detailedly planned, with searching for the best materials possible. Every piece of Freenote is designed and manufactured with the finest materials and demands the utmost level of craftsmanship.

Driven by a passion and desire to create a strong denim line representing the highest possible standard, the three will review, sample and modify and repeat the process constantly until the product reaches harmony from every angle so that customers can look at the product and feel confident that they went all in producing the item.

Beyond offering premium quality denim, Freenote has a full collection of essential items, ranging from jackets, shirts, t-shirts to pants. Whether it's a t-shirt or denim, equal amounts of time is spent on the fits of the garments, which is the pillar of Freenote's foundation.


Freenote Cloth Rios 14.75oz. Slim Straight Selvedge Cone Denim Jeans, available here.

Freenote Cloth Waxed Canvas Riders Jacket, available here.

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